Business cards

Your colours, your graphics


Whether you are an artisan-trader, a company or a group, the business card remains a piece of timeless marketing. It’s a small piece of paper that says a lot in a few words and represents your business.

If you do not have a logo or a graphic charter, we are here to make them.

Traditional card

A timeless business card, but it still has its effect.

Card 2 or 3 shutters

This business card can also serve as a loyalty card.

Triplex card

This elegant business card is the result of a special assembly. Available in 2 thicknesses and 4 slice colours to choose from.


Play the difference with this business card that turns into a flyer.

Little card

Business card in compact format.

Letter Press

Vintage rendering thanks to traditional and manual printing processes.

Metal effect

Metallisation of colours.

Colour on slice

Differentiate your card from others with a colour on the edges (slice).

Kraft card

Play the environmental card with this brown kraft recycled paper card.

Card display

Store and organize your customizable business cards.