Is the business card always essential?

Is the business card always essential?

Why to have a business card?

At the time of internet and smartphone, the question to have business cards come up. Is it really necessary? The answer is yes.

For a company it is the best way to be known. On it represents your logo, your name and first name, your address and phone number to contact you. We can even put a slogan! But it goes even further because a business card gives confidence to the one who receives it because you allow him to contact you directly. We play on the psychology and it shows to your interlocutor that you are serious and by extension that your company is also serious.

To mark even more the minds, there are various sizes and printing of business cards allow you to be different of your concurrents.  According to your activity it can even serve as card of loyalty or as flyer with for example Cartapli!

Website for tattoo artist

Website for tattoo artist

Tattoo showcase on the net


Today, being present on the net is essential to make yourself known whether you are an amateur or professional artist.

We create for you, your website showing your expertise and your works at very low prices. Exhibit your portfolio, introduce yourself and put your latest news. We can also do your digital marketing.

Valentine’s Marketing Strategy

Valentine’s Marketing Strategy

The end of year celebrations are just over and you have to think about Valentine’s Day. Why? Because Valentine’s Day lasts only one day. So do not miss it! Even if February the 14th is the feast of lovers, we must not forget singles. Let us review on what to do.

Calendar preparation

This preparation depends of course on the activity of the company. A restaurant or a chocolatier for example, will have to think about the menu, perfumes and decorations well before D-Day which is not necessarily the case of lingerie shops.

Seduce the customer

It is true that Valentine’s day has become a commercial celebration but it is above all a day where we want to please. Why not enjoy it?!

Attract him and seduce him with Valentine’s special offers such as special promotions, fidelity points, special packaging …

And the singles?

It should not be back to single people to remind them that they are not in couple while the number of site of meeting increase…

Why not stand out from your competitors by targeting singles? Offer them promotions, benefits only for this day.


Even if Valentine’s Day lasts only one day, it’s a date not to be missed. As the saying goes: what is taken is no longer to be taken. Happy Valentine’s day!

Marketing preparation for the end of the year

Marketing preparation for the end of the year

The summer holidays are over and here we are already in September. You still have pictures of beach and hot sand but now you have the good old digital marketing remember to your good memory. And yes, in September we are already thinking of the marketing preparation for the end of the year which is for e-commerce, a great moment not to miss. Let’s take stock of what we need to do to finish the year in style .

Why go there so early?

The end of the year is a succession of important dates for e-merchants hence the interest of planning your marketing strategy in advance. Especially now that buyers, according to their age category, spread their Christmas shopping over several months to be sure to have what they are looking for but also and especially, from a financial point of view since this allows spending to be spread over several months.

What are the important dates?

The dates are:

  • Black Friday comes to us from the United States and the United Kingdom. This happens the day after Thanksgiving so end of  November. This year will be Friday, November 24th.
  • Cyber Monday also comes from U.S.A. and UK. This happens on the Monday following the Thanksgiving weekend. This year will be Monday, November 27th.
  • Christmas Eve the 24th of December.
  • Christmas the 25th of December.
  • Winter Sales starting this year on January the 10th in France.

What to offer?

In November, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are internet sales that are also followed by some physical stores. Promote the day that suits you by newsletter (I’ll explain how to create newsletter to stand out in a future article). The younger generations are particularly sensitive to these dates.

In December, you have to play on the delivery offered when the basket arrives at a certain amount, and of course, on the deadline especially for the last week before Christmas. It’s a delicate period with the famous last minute purchases. Unlike a purchase in store where the customer leaves with his gift in his hands, the internet user wants to be sure he will receive his well before Christmas see before December the 24th. You can also offer a reduced rate for an express delivery in order to encourage him to validate his basket.

In January, the Christmas madness is over but another will resume. First of all, to keep a “friendly” touch, think about year-end greetings. Make a newsletter by thanking your customers for their trust and wish them your best wishes for this new year. A new year starts and with it, the Winter Sales coming! Get promoted by newsletter a few days before, on D-day and during the sales of course.


You just have to prepare! If you have questions or want to be accompanied, we are at your disposal.