e-reputation: how can we control it?

e-reputation: how can we control it?

For a company, to manage its reputation on the net is essential. The customers inquire more and more via internet about the reputation of a brand, a company before buying or contacting them. The question is how do you know your reputation and how to manage it? The answer is thanks to tools of surveillance.

Review your e-reputation

First thing to do, you have to know what is being said about you. To do this, simply go to Google and enter your name, brand or product and see what comes out. The same must be done for images and videos. What will appear is what comes out naturally when people search for your name. Do not stop on the first page of the results but go until the 4th. Small tip: put your name in quotation marks to output a result at the expression or name. (ex: “Design My Marketing”).

Do not forget social networks. It is very easy to put comments on your brand that can hurt you. The same goes for posts you posted. Reviews on sales sites are also very important.

Tools to track your e-reputation

There are several that are free and others not. It also depends on which element you want to follow: a word, an expression, a sector of activity

Here is a non-exhaustive list: