When we speak about blogging many people still see the image of blogs of 10 – 15 years ago which were more diaries than sites of information. The time passed and the image of blogs has well to evolve. Today, a blog brings an expertise, speaks about specific topics. So why a company should have a blog? For the traffic that it generates but not only.

Blog = traffic to your website

From a marketing point of view, a blog is an essential element for the natural referencing (SEO).Thanks to articles, search engines are going to make your contents rise and by this way your web site. Contrary to the pages of a website which are static, a blog is going to feed regularly (at least once a week). Moreover, it is not the word blog which we see on sites but “news” or “advice and ideas” like for the website Jardiland. Be careful though not to put anything just to say that I created an article on my great website! No, you must have quality content with keywords. Once the user is on your website we can set up (and it is recommended) tools to leave his contact details. Like this, the time you spent creating your article is not lost.

Blog = expert

Writing on one or several sujects on its various aspects shows to the prospect that you are an expert in your domain which is a very good thing! By your quality articles, the prospect will stay on your site and look on the different pages. How to appear as an expert? Answer the questions your customes and prospects settle. You have to appear as being the key, the solution to their problems. According to the study of Demand Metric, a professional blog generate 67 % more monthly traffic. It would be a shame to depreve oneself on it!

Blog = long-term traffic

The customers and prospects spend more and more time to inquire about companies and brand whose products interest them to make sure that they are serious but also good in their field of expertise.

A blog can also be used to launch a new product or a concept, an event… which will be relayed by social networks, of course.

A blog is an important way to get a website up on search engines, to generate traffic but also to appear as an expert in its field. Creating articles is not always easy but we are here to help you.

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