Digital MarketinG

Creation of websites

Websites, e-shop

Because you do not always have the time or the technical skills, we create for you but with you your website or e-shop that adapts to all screens (responsive design).

Why consult us?

Today, a society, a craftsman, a community, an association … must be present on the internet. Before a prospect call you, he does research on you, your activities … It is necessary to have an attractive website that adapts to all screen sizes. There are many online sites that tell you that you can create your site easily with just a few clicks. It is true if you want your website to look exactly like other websites or even your competitors but it is not so easy when you want to change the design, the layout of the elements … In addition it takes time.

With Design My Marketing, we create with you the website you want. You have nothing to do.

We test your website before delivery and we make it Google friendly.


  • Access map
  • Blog / News
  • Downloading documents
  • Integration of videos
  • Chat integration
  • Customer rating
  • Online payment

Social page creation

We also create for you a page in your name on social networks. A social network icon will also be present on your website.

Creation of website

Are you ready to go to the next level for your company?

We advise you in choosing the best method for your project.