A company which works B to B or a fortiori in B to C there must be present on the social networks because they are free tools which allow to be seen and pointing to your web site. Yes but do you need someone dedicated to this post? You suspect it, the answer is yes. Let us see why.

Manage social networks, is it simple?

Managing social networks is not easy. It is even complex because managing social networks means having a strategy. The Community Manager will identify the right networks for your business. It is not necessary to be present on all social networks. It all depends on the products and services you offer. The Community Manager (CM) will edit content adapted to your activity, He will develop an editorial planning.

The role of a Community Manager is also to manage the customer and prospect relationship by responding quickly. A Facebook or Twitter user expects to have an answer to their comment within a few hours and not after 24 or 72 hours.

He will also create and manage advertising campaigns on these supports that have the same principle as Google Adwords in the big lines.

Managing social networks takes time

A Community Manager will create a link with your customers and prospects and for that he must be responsive to their message but also to the news to show them that you are real and you are not just a machine who looks for selling his products or services without follow-up. Importantly, he will also monitor the e-reputation of your company by setting up monitoring tools but also by following the messages, your competitors…

Managing social networks is also managing crisis situations

This is of course a situation that no one wants, but when you have customers who are unhappy rightly or wrongly and they make it known on social networks you have to be reactive in order to stop the problem. It is long to have a good reputation on internet but it’s very fast to lose it with social networks. The Community Manager is there too to intervene and calm the spirits.


Community Manager is a recent but useful post. Managing social networks is not something to take lightly. It has to be thought about but you must also be present and respond quickly.

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